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How we operate

Education-training takes place remotely through dedicated e-learning training software. This system records educational material to which students have access from their personal computer. Students are familiarized with the training software with special handling instructions.

The Electronic Study Guide provides all the information on all the details of the distance learning program.

“Enrollment in the program”

The process of enrollment in the program and the use of educational software, as well as the conditions for attending a course, are as follows:

  1. By accepting the registration in the selected courses, the student receives in his / her personal e-mail the registration number, the password and the initial instruction manual.

  2. The password ensures access to educational software and access to educational material.
  3. The terms of use and reproduction of the training material are specified in the Electronic Study Guide.

  4. The password is disabled when a course or topic is completed.

‘Educational material’

The e-learning course material is available to every student enrolled in the program and consists of:

  1. texts and notes of the teachers,
  2. presentations and educational videos,
  3. casestudies,
  4. practide ecsercises and understanding of theory,
  5. self-assessment exercises,
  6. instructions for preparing work
  7. electronic resources with web sites where learners will be able to find material (articles, statistics, lectures, speeches, magazines, newspapers, etc.) about the tasks they will undertake,
  8. bibliography, etc.


“Communicating with the Teachers”

In their online class, students communicate with other enrolled students and teachers through the e-learning tools provided by the educational software. These tools are:

  1. the forum,
  2. the file and note exchange area
  3. the exchange of text messages in real time (chatting),
  4. the teleconference,
  5. the wiki system for completing content in exercises and tasks.


“The evaluation”

The evaluation is conducted at the end of each course or at the end of each module. Its form depends on the teaching module and the lesson. Usually they are done either by preparing and submitting a work to be determined in co-operation with the teacher, or in the form of a multiple answer test.

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