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Ioanna Papala

Ioanna Papala

Ioanna Papala has a strong educational background in Health Economics, because of her Master degree in Health Management. During her academic years at the National School of Public Health, she has attained specialized knowledge in Health Management. Moreover, her working experience as external auditor for the Greek public hospitals has helped her develop excellent skills on the DRGs system, the use of the associated software and the way it can be applied in the Greek Health System.

Her scientific interests are strongly related with the fields of e-Health and the systems, that can support such an idea, as well as with the medicines supply, the prescribing practices, the promotion of evidence-based health policy-making, the development of health system performance indicators, the pharmaceutical policies during the economic crisis, the health and social care policy challenges and the health system financial sustainability.

In addition, during her MBA studies in Technical and Economic Systems at the National Technical University of Athens she had the opportunity to develop skills such as the Management of Technological Systems. Her working experience at the General State Archives has given her the chance to enjoy the collaboration with scientists from different disciplines to develop new skills and solve new challenges.
Moreover, her undergraduate studies in Management Science and Technology, have covered a wide range of knowledge in the fields of technology and economy.

During her academic years at the Athens University of Economics and Business, she have acquired strong analytical, report writing and oral communication skills in Greek, English and German. Finally, her working experience at the Agrochemicals of North Greece helped her develop abilities in learning quickly and effectively, in order to meet the commitments of any kind of position.

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