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Information Systems

Information Systems


This course is designed to develop intelligent consumers, managers, and researchers of healthcare information technology through guided exploration into the components of healthcare information systems and e-business systems. The course is designed to introduce many of the challenges facing designers and managers of integrated healthcare information systems, e-business systems and social networks. The spectrum of activity ranging from research into theoretical formalisms and conceptual representations of medical information to the development of clinical, administrative, business and social media applications is considered in both historical context and in case studies. A variety of solutions offered through use of computer technology will be examined.

In the course, special focus shifts to core ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Systems applications: accounting and finance, sales and marketing, supply chain management, customer relationship management, human resources.


A series of articles, cases-studies and reports addressing current issues in the health care sector.


Students will have the opportunity to obtain (upon successful completion of a compulsory assignment) the Core Level User Certificate of WinEra ERP of Data Communication.

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