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Strategic Information Systems

Strategic Information Systems

Economics and Business Strategy Masters Programme

Economics Department, University of Piraeus

Course outline


Strategic Information Systems can potentially deliver an integrated set of management solutions (financial, HR management, customer relationship management, supply chain management, DSS, MIS) to an enterprise. Strategic Information Systems implementation is resource intensive and a significant fraction of these projects fail, often at great cost to organizations. However, when successfully implemented, they offer the opportunity to reengineer a business’s process from end to end, while returning significant time and cost savings.

In this course, we consider Strategic Information Systems mainly from two perspectives: Inter- and intra-enterprise access to corporate data via the web (E-Business) or via a client-server architecture (ERP and MIS Systems). Both, are a key business concern for companies of all sizes.


The course offers valuable supporting material, such as, full functioning ERP software, access to knowledge bases, books, articles, videos, scenario analyses, business environment, manuals, etc.

Students will have the opportunity to obtain (upon successful completion of a compulsory assignment) the Core Level User Certificate of WinEra ERP of Data Communication.

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