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Paris A. Kosmidis, Thanos Kosmidis, Kyriaki Papadopoulou, Nikolaos Korfiatis, Athanassios Vozikis, Sofia Lampaki, Amanda Psyrri, Elena Fountzilas, Athina Christopoulou, Epaminondas Samantas, Anastasios Vagionas, Giannis Socrates Mountzios, Georgios Gkoumas, Nikolaos Tsoukalas, Ilias Athanasiadis, Dimitris Bafaloukos, Chris G. Panopoulos, Margarita Ioanna Koufaki, George Fountzilas, Helena Linardou (2024) SNF-CLIMEDIN: A prospective randomized trial of digital intervention in patients with advanced NSCLC—A HeCOG study. Journal of Clinical Oncology 2024 42:16_suppl, 1520-1520
(Impact Factor: 45.3)

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(Impact Factor: 11.1)

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(Impact Factor: 4.5)

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(Impact Factor: 4.5)

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(Impact Factor: 3.9)

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(Impact Factor: 4.5)

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(Impact Factor: 4.5)

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(Impact Factor: 4.5)

Margarita-Ioanna Koufaki, Vasileios Fragoulakis, Konstantinos Z. Vasileiou, Xando Díaz-Villamarín, Kariofyllis Karamperis, Athanassios Vozikis, Jesse Swen, Cristina L. Dávila- Fajardo, George P. Patrinos, Christina Mitropoulou (2023) Economic evaluation of pharmacogenomic-guided antiplatelet treatment in Spanish patients suffering from acute coronary syndrome participating in the U-PGx PREPARE study, Human Genomics Hum Genomics 17, 51 (2023).
(Impact Factor: 4.5)

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(Impact Factor: 2.435)

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