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Iris spent many years travelling the world advising her clients in business and public life. With her wealth of experience, Iris has used the last few years researching and writing about the issues she believes will affect the future of human society and the world which it will inhabit. She has penned thought-provoking books such as “Do We Really Know China?” a remarkable outsider’s perspective on one of the world’s major powers and the place of the ‘Sinosphere’ in the future of the world.

She also authored another insightful book titled “Trends in Healthcare – A Global Challenge”, and published her book “Human Health and OCEANS: Every second breath we take comes from our oceans” earlier this year. Iris has the ability to communicate complicated ideas in simple, understandable English (‘Globeish’!). This ability derives from her varied International business and consultancy career where her experiences included organising business and academic conferences and, as one of the keynote speakers, addressing large audiences alongside numerous public figures. Her breadth of knowledge and research-based approach give her an ability to analyse some of the big issues facing humanity in a fast changing world. During this period, Iris has also been travelling between Switzerland, UK, Greece, and USA with her Anglo-Swiss businessman husband and their son.

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