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Dr. Symeon Sidiropoulos is a Political Scientist. He has obtained a PhD in Global Health Economics and Policies. He holds a B.A. on the International and European Studies. He continued his studies in the field of comparative politics and holds an M.Sc. upon the field of Environment and Health. He is a member of the Academic Council for the U.N. System. He is member of the Academic Board of the Laboratory of Health Economics and Management of the UNIPI. He is currently working at LabHEM for projects in the field of the pharmaceutical industry. He is the General Manager of the Hellenic Association of Motorcycle Importers. Among the others, he has worked for the Hellenic Parliament, Municipality of Ilida and for the Ministry of Economy as a special advisor and as Public Affairs Manager for TAKEDA Hellas. He has been also hired from Consulting Companies (KANTOR S.A. etc) for European Programs. Since 2015, he is the President of the Hellenic Association of Political Scientists (H.A.P.Sc. –

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